Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mexico to the United States: Waaaaaah!

A group of citizens from around the U.S., fed up with the federal government's willful refusal to do anything about the illegal immigrants flooding our borders, have organized a month of patrols along a 20-mile stretch of the Mexico-Arizona border (http://www.minutemanproject.com).

These modern-day Minutemen have vowed not to try and apprehend any of the illegals. Their purpose is merely to report their presence to the authorities. Obviously the Minutemen are calling the government's bluff. I mean, it's not like they can claim they don't know about the illegals reported by the Minutemen, right?

Predictably, victims' rights groups in the U.S. have denounced this move as anti-immigrant. Uh, wrong. It's anti-ILLEGAL immigrant.

However, the award for most chutzpah goes to the Mexican government itself. In a letter to the U.S government, Mexico has expressed concern that the Minutemen might violate the rights of the illegals. “Mexico doesn’t want the rights of its citizens transgressed,” says Geronimo Gutierrez of Mexico’s foreign ministry.

Here's a thought: Mexicans in the United States illegally have ONE RIGHT: to go back to Mexico and get in line like everybody else!

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Anonymous said...

I am conflicted, because we send mixed signals. Realistically, our economy depends on illegals to carry out the "donkey" work of our society. You see signs of illegals up and down the Eastern seaboard working in all manner of trades, washing cars, etc. The "illegals" would not risk life and limb to get here if the doors to employment were closed to them. But we know different. There is no penalty for the employer who hires "illegals." Nevertheless, your point is well taken, but I don't expect the situation to change anytime soon.