Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How's the war going? Ask the Iraqis

Byron York of National Review Online has this piece about the surprising results of a public opinion poll conducted in Iraq.

So, don't listen to the Democrat's newest "useful idiot", John Murtha, or - crikey, I can't even think of adjectives that quite convey what a moronic demagogue Howard Dean is (oh, wait, I think I just did) - Howard Dean about how the things are in Iraq. Let the Iraqis themselves tell you.


Kurt Rudder said...

a poll....hehehaha....the lowest form for social consensus.

One glaring result your buddy from the NRO declined to highlight was that when it came to Iraqi confidence in the public institutions only 18% were confident in the US Army. Hell of a job they are doing over there.

Alain DeWitt said...

Dear Mr. Rudder,

Thanks for your comments. However, I am disappointed that you chose to cherry pick one negative result and use that to try and discredit the poll results.

I don't think that Mr. York was trying to somehow assert that everything was coming up roses in Iraq. Rather he was trying (succesfully, in my opinion) to show that things aren't as bad as the main stream media would have us believe.

As for your remark about the lowest form of social concensus, isn't that the point of a poll? To illustrate societal concensus?

And another reading of the 18% result might be that (a) most Iraqis understandably aren't thrilled about having foreign troops in their country, and (b) maybe their confidence in their own institutions is growing.

Dad said...

Good responses to Mr. Rudder....

I particularly like the comment about inverse relationship between Iraqi institutions vis-a-vis the U.S. Army although I do not necessarily agree. I doubt the average Iraqi is making a conscious comparison between them.