Thursday, September 28, 2006

There's a word I'm looking for

There's a word to describe the behavior of the presiding officials of Berlin's Deutsche Oper. What is it? It's right on the tip of my tongue.

It'''s....oh, that's right. It's PANDERING!!

Here's an excerpt (since the Washington Times website requires a login):

Europe found itself embroiled in yet another raging debate over faith and free speech yesterday as German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned against "self-censorship" following the cancellation this week of a Mozart opera in Berlin that producers feared might offend Muslims.

Mrs. Merkel, an avid opera-goer, joined in the near-universal condemnation of Monday's decision by the Deutsche Oper, one of Berlin's three main opera houses, to cancel a planned revival of Mozart's classic 1781 work "Idomeneo" because the production inserts a scene that displays the severed head of the prophet Muhammad.

Opera officials, citing warnings from German security officials, called off the production for fear it would incite violence among the country's 3.2 million Muslims.

This is just growing to sickening proportions. It's one thing for Muslims to impose limits on free speech in their own countries. But for European countries to be cowed into self-censorship is moral cowardice.

And, Muslims should learn that they don't have a right to not be offended when they freely emigrate to liberal Western societies. Quite the opposite. They have a responsibility, a duty, an obligation to respect the values of their host countries. Else they are free to go back to their native countries.

P.S. This is worse than I thought. According to Wikipedia, "The "Idomeneo" production, directed by Hans Neuenfels, shows King Idomeneo staggering on stage carrying the decapitated heads of Neptune, Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad."

So, it's not as if Muhammad is being singled out or Muslims deliberately provoked. And, notice that the opera company didn't cancel the production because they were worried about offending Buddhists or Christians (who happen to comprise a majority in Germany). Like I said, sickening!!

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