Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Pics

I don't normally post many, okay, I don't really post any pictures in this space. But I figure those of you reading this probably want to know what this place looks like. So, here goes.

This is my trailer, in all its glory. It's about, I don't know, 8' wide by about 18' long, with about 7' ceilings. (I'm saving up for a double-wide!) These first two pictures are the layout as I found it.

So, the first thing I did was to take apart the bunk beds. (Bunk beds? What am I? Six?) Then I put the desk across from the bed so I can see the laptop from my bed. Here's the 'After' picture.

Much better.

I have some pictures of some of the sights around the base, but I'll post them later. For now I will leave you with a couple of pictures of the dust storm we had yesterday morning.

Just a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


Bill said...

It looks like the surface of Mars -- but hey, at least you can go outside without oxygen!

Alain DeWitt said...


Thanks for checking out the blog.

Yeah, it's pretty alien. That was my first one. And people tell me that this one wasn't that bad. It actually blew over by the end of the day.


Jonathan B. said...

It does look alien. Interesting to see the trailers, too, though I think your decorating definitely made the best of the situation.

Please keep posting pictures!

Alain DeWitt said...


Thanks. I did the best with what little room I have. It's very spartan to say the least. Next I need to get some stuff for the walls. I have a friend at home that is going to send me some posters.