Monday, August 04, 2008

What Part of 'Representative' Do They Not Understand?

It occurs to me that far too many Congressmen have forgotten the operative part of their job title, namely to represent the views of their constituents. Most polls show that nearly three-quarters of Americans favor tapping more domestic sources of oil. Americans are feeling the pinch at the pump and are tired of sending billions of dollars to places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Nigeria.

Yet Nancy Pelosi in the House, and Harry Reid in the Senate (supported by the likes of Dianne Feinstein and Barack Obama) remain willfully obstinate on this issue. They must think we are pretty stupid; that we don't understand the basic economic law of supply and demand. They claim that drilling for more oil will not lower prices; that it will take too long for the oil to reach consumers. Hello! Every day you put off exploring for more domestic oil just extends the time for it to reach consumers that much longer. Not to mention that there are several fields that could be brought on line with in two years.

Democrats love to blame the speculators. Yet they don't seem to understand that speculators are betting on the supply of oil tomorrow. If they hear that US oil companies are going to start drilling for more oil in ANWR and the Outer Continental Shelf, they will start betting that the supply in the future will increase and hence the price will drop.

These so-called leaders are infuriating in their condescension towards Americans! They think that you and I are too stupid to understand these issues and that they and their staff know better.


Anonymous said...

Pelosi's balking is about politics. She senses that her party will do better at the polls in November if the electorate remembers and is reminded about the high cost of gasoline. As you and I know, this is not the fault of the Republican party directly but of the energy policies that have been in effect for a long time, including opposition to nuclear power and other forms of energy.

Reading today's Wall Street Journal online, there is a suggestion that Obama will be more flexible on the very issue that Pelosi is ignoring now.

Alain DeWitt said...


Thanks for the comment. Well, shame on Pelosi then! She is such a hypocrite. She loves nothing better than to bash the President for the economy and high gasoline prices, but when she has a chance to do something about it, she chooses to play politics.

It's a good thing that the American electorate isn't quite that dumb!