Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Muslim Hyper-sensitivity

Check out this article from It details the reaction by Muslim students at Oregon State University to a column about "cartoon-gate" by an OSU junior named Nathaneal Blake.

The colum, entitled "The Islamic Double Standard", accuses Muslims of demanding a double-standard of sensitivity for their beliefs while extending little to others' beliefs. The reason for the Western media's indulging of this double standard, according to Blake, is that "[b]luntly put, we expect Muslims to behave barbarously".

This touched off the expected student protests and hyperbolic sound bites like this one from the OSU Muslim Student Association's vice president, Nada Mohamed:

Tears were flowing out of my eyes as I was reading [the column]. I felt like somebody was ripping my heart out.

I've commented myself on the double standard demanded by Muslims and won't rehash those arguments here.

What I wanted to draw your attention to was this item on the second page of the article on

[OSU Daily Barometer editor DD Bixby] said editors have been checking copy with Muslim students, and on Tuesday deleted one paragraph from a piece scheduled to be published the next day

What's that? The Daily Barometer appears to have accepted some kind of "Muslim sensitivity" editorial review board that is striking items from stories slated to be published in its pages. Haven't these people heard of a little thing we in America like to call the First Amendment?


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