Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm shocked - shocked!

So, now Al Sharpton is against counting votes? I could have sworn he was one of the ones leading the cry in 2000 that all votes must be counted since not counting them would "disenfranchise" blacks (a misuse of the word since no-one was prevented from voting).

This item from the New York Sun says that Sharpton is threatening to sue the Democratic National Committee if they seat the Florida delegates from the Democratic primary. Recall that the DNC ruled that if Florida and Michigan held their primaries before Iowa and New Hampshire, their delegates would not be tallied.

Wait. It gets worse:

Rev. Sharpton is traveling to Florida today to compile lists of residents who skipped the January contest because they thought their votes would not count. He plans to have those residents sign affidavits saying they would be disenfranchised by the seating of the Florida delegation, in the event the Democratic Party allowed that to happen.

There's that word again. However since this is was a party primary and not a genuine election, again, no-one was disenfranchised. (Someone please get this man a dictionary.)

Now, what do you suppose is the reason for the abrupt about-face? It couldn't be because counting those delegates would benefit Hillary Clinton (who is white) and would be to the disadvantage of Barack Obama (who is not), could it?

No. Couldn't be. We all know Al Sharpton to be such a principled individual.

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Jonathan B. said...

Excellent post. I hadn't read this anywhere; I think you may have the scoop on this one. Al Sharpton really is a demagogue fool. He must do more harm than good for the black community at this point.