Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dear Impish,

Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry you didn't like what you found.

As for "my cup of tea", well, don't I get to decide what is and is not my cup of tea?

A fair reading of my blog would show it to be very clean. I've used "a**hole" once, hell once, and one "F" bomb. In all fairness, the "F" bomb was a quote (from Guido in Risky Business). I didn't say it, but I chose to use it for effect. So, we'll call it half an "F" bomb.

So, that's three swear words in I don't know how many words. has turned off the page statistics, but I used Word and came up with a word count of 14,000 something. I think you'll have to agree two and a half swear words out of 14,000 is pretty clean.

As to my charge that Chirac is an asshole (ok, three and a half), I was basing that judgement on his behavior. Now, you obviously don't like President Bush, but I challenge you to name a time where he behaved as rudely as Chirac did.

It seems kind of typical of someone on the left (as you seem to be) to make assertions instead of arguments.

Happy trails, pardner!

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Impish said...

Well no need to prove whose worse among the current crop of leaders. george will win hands down with even authoratarian right wingers and fanatics (should I add like you here), ensuring that margin is reduced. Yeah I am a left liberal and do tell me who you actually are ........ visit