Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sorry, Anonymous. You're WRONG!

Two days ago I posted a piece on how the NAACP came out against the President's personal retirement accounts reform of Social Security. That same day an anonymous reader left this comment:

"The point is not whether its good or bad. Private accounts defined by the Bush administration is [sic] bad. Read the details. No one inherits anything, no one but a very small group of people can gift their accounts to their heirs. Newsweek has a great article on this plan."

Well, Anonymous is wrong! Check out this document on private retirement accounts on the White Houses' website. It clearly states that personal retirement accounts can be passed on to survivors.

Now, I am shocked (shocked!) that such a reputable, non-partisan, unbiased publication like Newsweek would misrepresent the president's plan in an effort to whittle away support for it from its readers.

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