Sunday, April 17, 2005

Just when I start to think...

...there is no cosmic justice in the universe something happens to make me reconsider.

Today my Orioles completed a three-game sweep of the hated New York Yankees, whipping the pinstripers 8-4 in Camden Yards today and moving into first place in the AL East. It's the first time the O's have swept the Yanks since 2000.

And, according to Fox Sports, Yankees' owner George Steinbrenner is none too happy about having a $206 million payroll and a last place team. That's right. $206 million! That's $85 million dollars more than the team with the second-highest payroll (the Boston Red Sox) and a whopping $132 million more than the team that just smoked them three times in a row! (Source CBS

Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, George!


greatpix said...

Geez...hate? A pro sports team?
C'mon, that is business, not sport. Rivera could be pitching for Baltimore tomorrow.
Since when did a big payroll make a great team?
In defense of Big George I will say this: The man has spent several fortunes to keep them on top. They have become his life's work to the exclusion of everything else.
They are the most important franchise in baseball and your disdain of them underscores that point. Without them baseball would be a collection of so-so teams with pumped up jocks traveling from town to town as overpaid roadies. Where ever the Yankees appear they fill the stadium and put money in the owners pockets.
By the way, speaking of money in owner's pockets - do you have any idea how much the Yankee's pay the other teams as a surcharge for being over the cap? They are probably keeping half the teams in baseball afloat with those payments.
Lastly, you will recall that the started out as the "Baltimore Baseball Club". That should mollify your anger somewhat.

Alain DeWitt said...


I agree with all of your excellent points.

However, they don't make me hate the Yankees any less.