Thursday, April 21, 2005

My first plug!

Ever since I started my own, I like discovering new blogs. Recently I happened across one such.

Cheat-seeking Missiles is operated by a public affairs consultant in Orange County, California, named Laer Pearce. That's about all I know about him other than he is a fine writer who is using, what he calls, "precision-guided logic bombs to destroy biased purveyors of *dem*-entia". After a couple of visits to his blog, I left him a comment letting him know how much I enjoyed his writing and invited him to peruse my own humble efforts.

The result is my first plug and "blogroll" listing. A "blogroll" is a list of other blogs that a blogger reads or admires. In addition, Laer also wrote a post encouraging his readers to check out my blog.

I'm very flattered by the attention and would like to urge anyone who stops by to check out Cheat-seeking Missiles.

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