Saturday, July 09, 2005

More on the missing SEAL

I found another story about the missing SEAL on MSNBC. The story said that the Taliban claimed to have already executed the remaining missing SEAL. This last commando is the only unaccounted for US soldier from the four-man team that ran into trouble in Afghanistan. Two are confirmed dead, and one was rescued. It was the team's call for reinforcement that led to the downed Chinook with the loss of 16 brave soldiers last week.

The story on MSNBC included comments from Defense Department spokesmen. The DoD claims to know about the report but has no information leading them to believe its authenticity. They say that they are continuing their search in the hopes that the remaining SEAL is still alive.

I hope they're right. I really would like to hear that they found that guy. Good luck and God be with you, whereever you are!

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