Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Quick hitter about the Supreme Court vacancy

You know what I would do, if I were President Bush? I would meet and consult with each and every Senator so inclined. I would listen politely, smile and nod my head a lot.

And then I would still nominate whoever I darn well please!

Bush is already doing more than is required by the Constitution. The Senate's "advice and consent" duty only kicks in after the President has nominated someone. Bush is already dangerously close to establishing a precedent for prior Senate approval of Supreme Court nominees. (Of course, any such precedent would be quickly repudiated by Demos the next time a Democrat President has a chance to nominate a Supreme Court justice.) Republicans, President Bush included, are displaying a really short memory in this [one-sided] effort at collegiality. How quickly they forgot how Democrats ran roughshod over Republicans when they were the minority in Congress. Does anyone else remember how Hillary froze out all Republicans during her ill-fated health care reform effort?

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