Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just how hypocritical do Democrites want to get?

I have yet to comment on the Mark Foley scandal mostly because (a) it doesn't interest me much, and (b) it seems like a poor excuse for a scandal.

As I understand it, a congressman sent some suggestive e-mails and had some suggestive online chats with a male page who was under the age of 18. He was found out and has resigned. Have I missed something?

And, yet, Democrites (Democrats + hypocrites = Democrites) - and their media accomplices, smelling blood in the water of the upcoming, mid-term elections, have tried to keep the story alive.

In my opinion, the big story is the hypocrisy of Democrats (only their media accomplices won't make THAT a story, will they?). Well, that and how stupid they must think the average voter is.

Do they really think that none of us will remember all the preaching they did during the Clinton impeachment about sexual conduct being a private matter between two people? Of course they will claim this is really about "the children". But, do you really think there is that much difference between a 16 year-old page and a 23 year-old intern? Isn't there the same suggestion of subtle coercion due to the imbalance of power between the two? Isn't there the same abuse of office? I happen to think there is. In fact, the big difference between the two scandals is that Foley had the good taste to resign.

Even worse is the Gerry Studds precedent. Haven't heard of Gerry Studds? I'm shocked that the media haven't told you about him because his case bears a lot of resemblance to the Foley scandal - except that it reflects badly on a Democrite and Foley is a Republican.

Gerry Studds represented the 10th District of Massachussetts in the House of Representatives. In 1983, Studds admitted to being homosexual (making him the first openly gay member of Congress) and to having had an affair with a 17 year-old page in 1973. Apparently the age of consent for this young man was 17 which made the relationship legal, providing it was consensual which, evidently it was. (This was also, coincidentally, very fortunate for Studds.)

So, let's recap: Foley exchanges some provocative e-mails, is discovered, and resigns. Studds actually has sex with a 17 year-old page, is unrepentant, and goes on to serve seven more terms.

This is reminiscent of the story of Bob Livingston. You don't remember Bob Livingston? Livingston was a congressman from Louisiana who was chosen to succeed Newt Gingrich as the Speaker of the House. During the height of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, it was revealed that he had had several extramarital affairs prompting him to resign. To recap, Livingston, numerous affairs, resigns. Clinton, numerous affairs (come on, you don't really think that his and Monica's relationship was confined to oral sex, or that Monica was the only one, do you?), refuses to resign, serves out his term.

I've said it before, but my own private theory is that in order to be a Democrite, you have to have your sense of shame surgically removed. And, again, none of this would be possible without the complicity of the media.

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