Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blame Google

Ok. Here we are again. After yet another long absence, I am returning to the "blogosphere". Usually I give some lame mea culpa about why I haven't blogged in so long. But this time, it wasn't my fault. Whose fault was it?

It was Google's.

See, Google bought And in their effort to make Blogger "new and improved", they broke it. Badly. For the past several months, any time I logged on to the Blogger Dashboard (the Web page from which the blogger can create new posts and manage his blog) all I saw were question marks. That's right. Every character had been replaced by a ?. I wrote to the Blogger Support mail box, but all I got were canned replies directing me to the Blogger support F.A.Q. and Known Issues page. My issue was not "known".

Any way, here I am in Rome and I logged on to my Blogger dashboard and, lo and behold, it works again!

So, get ready, world! I'm ready to start griping again about everything that's wrong with you.

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