Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yet more evidence that there exists a liberal bias in the media

As if you needed more proof, how about the kerfluffle over John Edwards' wife-beating joke?

What? You haven't heard about this latest flap? I am shocked (shocked!) that neither CNN nor the New York Times have told you about this. Here's what happened.

During John and Elizabeth Edwards' press conference in which he announced he was staying in the presidential race despite the return of his wife's cancer, Elizabeth Edwards was explaining how she had broken a rib. Candidate Edwards interrupted her to joke that "actually I was beating her". He then mimed punching her in the ribs.

Now, I ask you: if George Bush or Dick Cheney had made a similar joke, do you think you would have heard about it? Of course you would have. You would have been bombarded with the news items proclaiming the insensitivity of the Bush administration. You would have heard from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. You would have seen news stories from battered women telling you how hurtful such comments are.

But you didn't, did you?

I rest my case (for now).

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