Thursday, January 24, 2008

How like a Demo-crite

Read the following excerpt from a John Kerry blog post at Puffington Host:

I hate the term "Swiftboating." I hate how the name of the boats we honored when we were in uniform in Vietnam has become a verb for the twisted politics of Karl Rove.

Isn't that just like a Dem? It couldn't be that Kerry's lies about his own record in Vietnam is what prompted some members of his erstwhile "Band of Brothers" - of course, Kerry has never bothered to explain why he left his "Band of Brothers" at the earliest possible opportunity, after just four short months, exercising a rarely-used loophole - to attack him.

And you DO know that Kerry wasn't discharged from the Navy until the Carter administration, some eight years after he left Vietnam, right? Or that, despite a campaign promise to do so, Kerry still has not signed the forms authorizing the release of his military record? Which just BEGS the question, if he is so proud of his record, why does he go to such great lengths to hide it?

No. It's all Karl Rove's (and by extension, George Bush's) fault. How about John Kerry's "twisted politics"?

Kerry is beneath contempt.

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