Thursday, January 24, 2008

More proof of the emptiness of Obama

Here in Arizona an ad for Senator Barack Obama has been running for the last two weeks. It opens with some pictures of young Barack and his mother. There is a voice-over from the senator telling us how his mother died of cancer at age 53. Towards the end, says the senator, his mother was more worried about paying the bills than getting well.

Fine. I have no truck with that. Telling a personal anecdote in order to gain sympathy or empathy from your audience is an effective tactic.

However, in true Obama form, he goes on to tell us that he has a plan to "cover everyone". But does he tell us what that plan is? Of course not! This is Barack Obama we are talking about, after all. In effect he is saying - as he does with all his platitu - er, I mean policy pronouncements, "Trust me." In the ad he uses this hint of a plan as his segue to "In order to fix health care, first we have to fix Washington."

Uh, sorry, Obama. I think I'm going to need some more details on your plan to "cover everyone" before you get that next promotion.

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