Thursday, February 07, 2008

This is just plain silly

Check out this story from California about a blan on a blood drive (yes, you read that right) at San Jose State University.

San Jose State University's decision this week to ban blood drives on the 30,000-student campus over discrimination concerns is drawing a gush of criticism from local blood banks.

Stanford Blood Center officials said they actually agree with San Jose State President Don Kassing that the federal Food and Drug Administration is wrong to prohibit blood donations from gay men....

By law, people who want to give blood must be screened for a variety of potential risk factors. For instance, people aren't allowed to donate within a year of getting a tattoo.

The rise of AIDS in the 1980s prompted the FDA to prohibit donations from men who had sex with men any time after 1977. These days, groups such as the American Red Cross say that lifetime prohibition is excessive, since modern blood testing will catch any diseases contracted more than three weeks before the donation.

That's right. In order not to discriminate against people who engage in risky sexual behavior, potentally putting the blood supply at risk, the university is going to ban blood drives on campus.

Is it it me or does that just seem dumb?

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